Infrared and Invisible Technology

Language: English

Zhelio Andreev: Product Manager- Optoelectronics

Company: Würth Elektronik

Have you ever wondered how light can work for you? There are numerous examples on how visible light can change the perception of customers and make them see the better side of paintings, architecture or push up the sales in stores. But, the real workhorse of light is the Infrared - the invisible light that is all around us and can be used in countless applications. Be, either the fully automatic machines and doors, or autonomus industry robots that work by themselves. The smoke detector that protects your house from fire or a light barrier for open space protection in the industry. In this presentation, the focus will be some examples from the customer and industry areas. How we can use an IR emitter and Detector? What are the basic parameters we need to observe and plan - such as Field of View, Signal-to-noise Ratio, Detection Range, Signal, etc. At the end of this presentation, the customer will have an extensive knowledge - how to design-in an infrared emitter-detector part and what are the benefits of such systems

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