Free Technical Design Seminars

We provide you technical assistance through our EMC & Power EMI Design Seminars.
All seminars are free of charge if not otherwise stated.

-New dates will be published as soon as possible-


EMC Seminar on November 24th 2020

in Erpe-Mere or online

The first 2 sessions cover Radio Frequencies (RF). We will explore the different parameters which are important for component selection, how to match an antenna, why RF is so different from common electronics and how to work with different RF modules.
Later we will talk about product safety in a cybersecurity perspective. Existing product regulations as well as new initiatives (including the European Cyber Security Act) are increasingly imposing legal obligations on manufacturers of all kinds of products such as radio equipment, IoT devices, medical devices and even industrial machines and toys. During the presentation, both existing and future (European) regulations and initiatives will be discussed and explained.
The last session will be about the legal framework of CE Marking, the scope of CE Marking, the responsibilities in the process to obtain CE marking and the liabilities related to CE marking

Due to the new Corona regulations, we have decided to go through with the offline event. However, we will life-stream the entire seminar so everyone can participate online as well. Unfortunately we are not able to stream the guided tour. You can choose your participation mode in the registration form.


Finnland and Estonia

Energy Harvesting for expert level on November 3rd 2020

at 10:00 am online for Finland and Estonia

This seminar is for HW designers who have at least 5 years of experience.

During our 1-2 hour seminar our excellent EMC Guru Lorand Foelkel will introduce us how Energy Harvesting works. First he will explain the technical aspects and after that he will introduce you to our latest projects. After the introduction he will show some examples through live demonstrations.
After seminar you´ll have the opportunity to ask some questions about this topic. If the time runs out we will answer all your questions by email and phone depending on the question.

This seminar is reserved only for customers based In Finland and Estonia.

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Coaxial Connectors for expert level on November 10th 2020

at 10:00 am online for Finland and Estonia

This is for HW designers who has at least 3 year experience.

During to 1-2 hours our WE Academic Leader Thomas Robok will introduce you technical details for Coaxial connectors. He will show material details and 3d models. He will also give examples and latest market imfos at this product range.
After seminar you have oportunity to ask some question about this topic. If time is running out. We will answer some questions later by phone or email depending questions.

This seminar is only for Finland and Estonia customers.

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