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Wireless Power 15 W Development Kit - Renesas Electronics

Extended Power Profile with bi-directional data communication. Würth Elektronik has partnered with Renesas Electronics (formerly known as IDT) to launch a new 15 W Wireless Power Development Kit, with high-efficiency power transfer ...more

Wireless Power 200 W Development Kit

Würth Elektronik and Infineon jointly offer a complete and ready-to-use wireless power system. With this kit you can discover the advantages of this technology and easily integrate it into your product design ...more

Power your device with USB Type-C

This kit provides a complete solution for the users to understand, extend and emulate the whole range of possibilities through USB Type-C Power Delivery ...more

Digital Power is Calling

The Digital Power Explorer Kit has been developed for analog power supply designers and embedded software programmers who need to accelerate their learning curve in digital power control ... more

Energy Harvesting Demokit Gleanergy

This development platform demonstrates the ability to utilize energy harvesting sources to power a wireless sensor node ... more

Energy Harvesting Demokit Solution To Go

Complete solution from harvesting of the energy, energy management and storage, easy transfer of this solution to your design and evaluation of the highest efficient components in the market ... more